Kenny Qin

I'm a software developer based in Sydney, Australia.

In my personal life, I'm a privacy enthusiast who uses technology purposefully. Some people mistake me to be "anti-tech" when I tell them that I don't use software X or why I don't use Google products if I can avoid them. I try not to push my ideals and values onto others as I also value free will and critical thinking.

I would like to work towards a future where corporations have a smaller reach over the lives of the average person.

Some stuff here that would make me look smart.

I need to improve this page. Until then, this page will be a mess of links. In each section, are my forms of contact ordered by preference.


Matrix (may be temporarily offline)
Email at admin at this domain.*


Pleroma (Fediverse)

* items that I prefer not to deal with if alternatives can be used