I’m a software developer based in Sydney, Australia.

In my personal life, I’m a privacy enthusiast who uses technology purposefully. Some people mistake me to be “anti-tech” when I tell them that I don’t use software X or why I don’t use Google products if I can avoid them. I try not to push my ideals and values onto others as I also value free will and critical thinking.

I would like to work towards a future where corporations have a smaller reach over the lives of the average person.


I prefer to use end-to-end encrypted messaging whenever possible. In cases with less flexibility, e-mail is an option but only for employment purposes (career at thisdomain) or for initial contact for one of the other methods of contact (contact at thisdomain). I do not use PGP for e-mail.

End-to-end encrypted messaging options

MatrixSee social icon on homepage.
SignalSee social icon on homepage.
ThreemaSee social icon on homepage.
SessionAvailable on request for now.
SimpleXAvailable on request for now.