I take digital privacy seriously. This page acts as a reference on how I prefer to be contacted and how I generally communicate. I generally only use end-to-encrypted messaging services to communicate digitally.

General Purpose

  • Matrix
  • Signal (will be shared once usernames are live)
  • Threema/SimpleX/Session—Not used regularly. However, I am open to them and will increase my usage for contacts that are actively using them. You can try adding me through any public links. I do check once in a while and will eventually get back to you.
  • E-mail (Tutanota only)—I’m with Tutanota which means e-mails to and from other Tutanota accounts are end-to-end encrypted.

Employment Only

SMS/Phone Calls/E-mail

I understand that employers are usually not in a position to meet my preferencesso these are strictly reserved for employment purposes. I do not publish my cellular number publically due to privacy reasons. You will find it on my resume. Cellular-based messaging (SMS, MMS, etc.) is usually one-way which means I will only read any messages and nothing more. If I reply, it will be through one of the other options.


You almost certainly won’t get a timely reply if you message me on LinkedIn and I’m not actively looking for a new job. My profile there is just to be on the radar and nothing more.