I didn’t expect to do another one of these but here we are. This time I want to talk about how it’s great to carry a food container whenever you dine out. As with carrying a water bottle, the benefits are generally pretty obvious and really don’t need to be said but I’ll go through them anyway.

You’re able to get your money’s worth!

mind blow

I can’t understand the people who leave a restaurant with half their food untouched. I’m not talking about the people who will leave half the serving of fries or salad untouched. I’m thinking more along the lines of those who go to a Chinese restaurant and leave half their plate of stir-fried noodles behind. It’s food that you can eat for your next meal. You don’t have to pay or prepare anything. It’s already there waiting for you to consume it. Amazing.

It’s easier to not overeat

I’ve been guilty of trying to finish my meal to avoid food wastage in the past and it’s not a healthy habit to have. Carrying a food container lets you choose to leave some for later and relieves any guilt of having food waste.

You get to save money and the environment

It’s so common nowadays to see the patrons dining next to you to pay 50c per box. They’ll take that container, finish the food elsewhere and the container will go straight to landfill. I’d rather just have my own container that I can reuse potentially hundreds of times.

Final remarks

I know it’s a social stigma to pull out a food container when dining with others but I find the alternatives more ridiculous. I personally like the square-shaped IKEA 365+ plastic containers as they’re cheap, durable, airtight and light. Another good alternative might be those collapsible silicon containers.