I sometimes see posts on Hacker News about personal blogs and how some people have actively posted for several decades now while others have started a blog and given up (many times). I’m obviously not one of those hardcore bloggers who publishes something new everyday with my latest thought-provoking ideas to share with the rest of the world. I’ll go through weeks or months without a new post there are several reasons why this happens.

I do not feel the need to share everything with the world

I am who I am but I cannot change how others perceive me. There are certain thoughts that I feel like shouting into the open but when the moment has passed, I may come to regret it. Perhaps a prospective employer has seen and disagreed with what I wrote in the past. Or an idea has come about from my interactions to those around me and I don’t want to risk having them see a writeup about it.

Blog posts for more well-thought out content

Sometimes, I just don’t have much more than a few short sentences to say so it ends up being a post on Bluesky or on Pleroma.

Sometimes posts never make it out of the draft phase

I have some posts that have been sitting in draft that may sit there until the end of time. One such post is about my messaging preferences which touches on how I came to use the messaging tools I use. Some of those will be refined and published eventually but most probably won’t.


My blog may not be super active but I’m content with what it is. I write my blog for myself. If others find my blog interesting then that’s just a bonus.